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Your sales page can be THE most important page on your website, so you want to make sure that it’s a high-converting one. Meaning – your sales page turns window shoppers into loyal paying clients!

Sales Strategy

7 Effective Elements of a High-Converting Sales Page

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If you want to see any growth from your launches, you have to start tracking your metrics. When you track your launch performance over time, you’ll be able to see if you’re improving or not and he each and every new launch convert better than the last.

Launch Strategy

Top KPIs to Track During Your Launch

Do you find yourself exhausted after a live launch? Sometimes it all just feels like too much! So, for the sake of myself and my team, I learned A LOT about what it takes to not resent your launch time and remain cool, calm, and collected the whole way through.

Launch Preparation

Exhausted After a Live Launch? Here’s How to Prevent Launch Burnout

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Attracting new clients without a growth plan can be hit or miss. Having a real, concrete plan for building an ever-growing customer base can be a huge game-changer! Check out these 3 solid strategies to consistently grow your audience.

Social Media Marketing

3 Ways I Consistently Grow My Audience

So we have to ask ourselves – how soon should you launch, or relaunch, your course? We at The Launch Guild have an answer for you. You want to pay attention to these three things…

Launch Strategy

How Soon Should You Launch or Re-launch Your Course?

Project your launch revenue with our Launch Revenue Calculator! It’s the perfect way to set reasonable expectations for yourself as a course creator, especially if you’re releasing a brand new course or product. Newsflash: You can’t keep expecting your ENTIRE email list to buy your newest course.

Launch Preparation

How to Project Your Launch Revenue in 3 Easy Steps

Having a healthy amount of space and breathing room in your timeline will keep you from pulling your hair out and give your clients and customers the best experience, one that has them crazy excited to purchase your offer. So what does a reasonable launch timeline look like? 🤔

Launch Preparation

What a Reasonable Launch Timeline Actually Looks Like